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4 Shahi brothersThe Art Transfer T-Shirt House was established more than decade ago by four Shahi brothers -- Bijay, Sanjay, Ujay and Unesh. It produces the best quality fabric t-shirts and specializes in all kinds of printing on t-shirts, sportswear and manufactures jerseys, windcheaters and steel badges. ATTSH now has established itself as the only Nepalís Sportswear Manufacturer.

With the slogan "Simple shop with unique job", to counterpart our type of work weíve been trying to introduce unique printing jobs with the latest technology possible at reasonable rate.


HISTORY - How did it started?

During the Bangkok Asian Games in 1998, Bijay had to go as an interpreter and assistant coach of National football team of Nepal, Nepal team didnít have their sportswear printed in Nepal but had to be printed then and there. Bijay was impressed by the fine printing job and the technology and since Nepal had no such technology for printing in t-shirts; the idea popped-up as a boon, after series of discussions with the other Shahi brothers and with the help and support from our Korean friends, we started our work in 1999.

We bought the first number printing machine by Insta company, a US-based company and since then we are the only ones till now who do international qualiy number printing in Nepal. Our first major assignment was to make prints for all the t-shirts for the Nepali team for SAF Games in 1999.


printing manchineWe are the first one to introduce rubberized technology in the country. Like prints, our cloths are also durable. Unlike ordinary T-shirts, Attsh T-shirts undergo a five thread stitching process, this makes these T-shirts durable and non stretchable. The T-shirts available at Attsh are either 100 percent pure cotton or the blend of nylon and cotton. T-shirts made at Attsh are for every one as they are available from size 18 to 54 or from 1 year Baby size to 4XL (150 kg's person).

The t-shirts are stitched from quality fabrics they get brought from Korea, China, Malaysia, Bangladesh and India. The thread used for stitching also comes from India and is of A-grade. We use ISI certified chemicals and ink which are not harmful to the skin. Apart from T-shirts, Attsh is also a pioneer in manufacturing of jerseys, windcheaters and sportswear. Attsh is now planning to break new ground by introducing swimsuits and trunks.


Attsh design exclusive designer t-shirts, one liner fun and witty t-shirts and message oriented t-shirts but people can also create and bring their own designs and print in their t-shirt. With a high-capacity machine and foreign technology we can print twelve colors at a time. The ink and chemicals used in printing are of high quality and are imported from Korea, US and Thailand which are ISI certified chemicals.