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ATTSH in Media

ATTS in MediaATTSH has been presented constantly in the media for various positive reasons. Some of the reasons are for lauching of the new Attsh store or for sponsoring jerserys to national and local clubs football team or for being highlighted as the Nepal's only sports manufacturer or for establishing itself as a Nepali brand, etc.

You may find below few of the interesting articles on ATTSH (in PDF format) covered by most popular newspapers and magazines.

1. ATTSH: T-SHIRTS TO GO WITH THE TIMES - June 05 2012 The Kathmandu Post

2. ATTSH: Say it through T-shirts - July 20 2009 Republica

3. Cheer your team in style - June 13 2009

4. ATTSH opens sportswear showroom - June 7 2009 Republica

5. ATTSH - March 05 2009 The Himalayan Time

6. Its summer, time for cool T-shirts that make a statement - June 2006 WAVE ISSUE # 126